Monday, April 4, 2011

WOD for today? Squats. WOD for tomorrow? Squats!

When I was in college, I became friends with a Japanese family living in the same apartment complex. The children came to know me over the course of several "bulking" phases and later, when I started working in Japan, detrained states as well. They took to calling me "Mr. Balloon" because I'd get big and then I'd "deflate", and then I'd get big again.

Right now, my legs are inflated. I realize some people would be happy to have my "problem", but it's no fun when "relaxed fit" jeans are binding... Dress slacks for work are even worse.

I'm hitting a bit of a wall... My legs are very tired and my knees are a little achey. These are solid signs that I'm overreaching and need a change, so today I dialed it back a little and did some light squats with the Manta-Ray and kettlebells.

8040lbs for the day. 220,825lbs total. 779,175lbs to go.

Please donate: American Red Cross


Anonymous said...

You've found the perfect workout program for our time! I can see the title of your hot-selling new book in my mind's eye:

The One Simple Rule for Gaining Muscle Mass: Squat 1 Million Pounds

In all seriousness, it's interesting how focusing on the process -- rather than the expectation of results -- gets results, though, in this case, not necessarily the results you were seeking.

Boris said...

Thanks Sam - I am enjoying the process, kind of. It's an interesting experiment and it most certainly keeps me focused on squats and fund raising.