Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mike Boyle on Front Vs. Back Squats & The FMS (Podcast)

Generally speaking, I don't like podcasts. Many of them end up being unthoughtful rants on random topics, or cleverly disguised adcopy. It's not a time issue exactly - I'll make time for people. It's an attention issue - rambling interviews, circular monologues, commercials, television dramas and reality tv lose me quickly. However, Mike Boyle has a recent podcast discussing front squats vs. back squats and the over-application of the FMS that was quite interesting.

Strength Coach Podcast #47

For what it's worth, I enjoy Mike Boyle and Gray Cook's work. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that. But, I don't agree with Mike Boyle on all things squatting. I don't agree, and that's okay. He's certainly given the issues a lot of thought and experience and he's obviously an amazing coach - his athletes get the results they want and that is all that really matters. As far as his words on FMS, I agree with his short assessment - it is a SCREEN. It is NOT a training program, nor a substitute for competent coaching. The FMS is NOT the answer to every training question (and neither, btw, is 5x5, SS, WS, CF, RKC, AKC, Smolov, Sheiko, or Seiko). The problem with putting so much stock into a single screen is that you begin with a "deficit model" mindset, potentially ignoring the larger context.

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Matt said...

Thanks for the link Boris.

Completely unrelated to the squat podcast, here is one I enjoy:

and another one I just found:

Boris said...

You bet Matt - I look forward to checking out the links you gave.

Jorge Ochoa said...

Well,after 8-minutes of listening to Mike Boyle blather on about what a great trainer he is, and how he is mentoring the next wave of strength trainers, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I checked out. I need to go back and try and figure out where Grey comes on, and listen from there.

Boris said...

Sorry Jorge, I didn't mean to say that every minute of the podcast was riveting... Like I said, generally I don't like podcasts, but, imo, this one had some interesting thoughts. Problem is that it it's sandwiched inbetween ad copy and other ramblings.

JD said...

lol good post and some comments that gave me a chuckle. I normally find the strengthcoach podcasts to be of good quality with some interesting ideas .

Drug Rehab Florida said...

Good stuff Boris, thanks again.