Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Escape

So far, things are going well with the squatathon. We have a few people at Dave Draper's Forums that have set some goals and are working to achieve them while donating $$ to a good cause. Although money coming in here has slowed, we've raised over $1500. Could be more - many of my students have made origami for Paper Cranes For Japan, and, of course, silent heroes are giving on their own privately and without fanfare.

Squatting is going well. I have some aches and pains, but (knock on wood) nothing so bad that it will keep me from training daily. I don't know how long that will last...

But then again, who does?

I'll continue to do what I can - posting, putting up videos, hopefully, keeping it in people's minds. For now I am more compassionate for those who have experienced tragedy. Mind-ful might be the better word, although lately that term is overused in some circles to the point of being mind-less.

I try not to watch "Nightline" anymore - it bothers me too much when the show headlines with "TONIGHT - Disaster in Japan and... the latest on Charlie Sheen!". It's okay though - I get it. We all want to escape even though we can't... not really. Looking too hard at the suffering makes us think about how fragile it all really is, no matter how much time and sweat we put in at the squat racks. Not a bad thing perhaps; maybe it will inspire us to live our lives more fully - both in the gym and out.

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