Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scot Mendelson

I walked behind Scot Mendelson at a powerlifting meet once. I felt like I was walking behind the Hulk. Seriously, the man probably weighed about 320lbs at the time, but he had the upper body of a 400 pound bodybuilder. I remember speaking with some of his family and they were very nice people.  I don't remember if I said anything to him or not - if I did, it was probably something profound like "Gee, you bench a lot."

A link to this video was posted at the P&B message boards. Scot's lost some weight. I think everyone on the boards was more interested in his Bluetooth than the marijuana story...

No judgement here - just thought it was an interesting story and a side of Scot Mendelson you've probably never seen if you're like me and the only time you've ever seen him was at a meet surrounded by his posse.

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Anonymous said...

This is not a small part of Scot Mendelson. Drug dealing is a major part of Scot's life! He's been a drug dealer way back in high school and nothing has changed. He never graduated NYU, as he tells everyone. He never even step foot in a community college. Scot is the biggest manipulator, con artist, liar, sewer rat...and if you believe any of his bull shit, it's because you are part of his bull shit or a nice person.