Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Days of Squat! (Day One) - Dave Tate

Dave Tate

I've always been a great fan of Dave Tate. In the late 90s and around 2000, I bought a lot of Westside Barbell VHS tapes - among them, the Westside Barbell Method seminar tapes. I LOVED them. The quality of the tapes wasn't the best, but the content was outstanding. Dave Tate talked the talk and walked the walk. A lot of the content of those original Westside VHS tapes is now available online for free. Well worth a watch (or two or three!) if you are needing a little food for thought or inspiration to psych you up for a heavy barbell session.

After seeing Dave Tate's instruction, I understood the power that video could have for strength training instruction. I also knew that there were still unanswered questions out there about squatting. Without Dave Tate, there would be no Squat Rx.

Watching these videos again, even after all these years... still amazing and DENSE with content. Enjoy!

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