Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Words of Wisdom from Rory Miller

 Last, there is an industry supplying fantasy disguised as information...
  What does that mean to you as a teacher? If you have extensive direct experience, you are a valuable resource. If you don't have extensive direct experience, you can still be valuable as a teacher, but be alert for what you don't know. Be especially alert for things you are sure of if you can't articulate a basis for your certainty. You "just know"...? How do you know? Have you tried it? Did you read it somewhere? Did the people who wrote the article actually try it? How many times? You (all of us) actually know very little with any reliability. But we tend to "know" a lot of things with great confidence, many of which are not true.
  Watch your sources. Be skeptical (including with me).
 Principles-Based Instruction for Self-Defense (and maybe life) by Rory Miller (p. 3)
Do not be afraid to question what you 'know', and don't be afraid to question what others 'know'. Is the person giving your team advice on "sport specific" strength and conditioning someone with experience in that specific sport, or someone with general knowledge of strength? Both is better. Be mindful of 'gurus' - people who have all the answers. I've had a lot of experience in strength and conditioning, mostly working with high school and age group swimmers, and, despite that, feel my knowledge is quite limited. Would I hire me? Absolutely. Would I say my word is final on the subject? Not even close.