Friday, September 20, 2013

30 Days Of Squat! (Day 20) - Assorted Tips with Cliff Notes

Some tips for squatting in these two articles - a few of them have been mentioned here before but many have not. Great stuff!

5 Squat Tips For Immediate Improvement by Marc Bentley from elitefts
The quick summary:
*Learn how to arch with the PAD test
*Use your hips to pick up the bar
*Head up and slightly above parallel and knowing how to keep your arch
*Drive your upper back into the bar
*Hold the bar for time before you start to squat and when you finish the last rep of a set of squats

Squat Tips and Cues From The Chicago Seminar by Juggernaut Training Systems
The quick summary:
*Lack of upper back tightness is a squat killer
*360 degrees of pressure is what you want in your torso
*Commit to the descent
*Elbows forward and in

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