Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blogs of Note VIII

Dan John
Dan John has been absolutely killing it lately on his blog. Dan John does NOT do short blurbs full of links, bullet points, and embedded pictures or videos (created by others). He writes full-blown entries, chock full of wisdom, most truly worthy of being called articles, or even "chapters". This article, entitled "Training for Middle Age and Beyond", is great advice for anyone of any age.

Adam "Unbreakable" Glass
I love this post from Adam. One thing you can always count on from Adam is that he will call it like he sees it. This post, "Who Do You Think You're Kidding?", is directed toward people who put their fitness goals on hold...

True story - I didn't know that Glenn Pendlay was keeping a blog until today. This post, "I'm still pissed (Part III)", is great. I agree completely.

Jim Wendler
I think the first piece I ever read from Jim Wendler was this article: Training High School Athletes on (which was at the time, I think). I've always been a fan of his writing. This piece, Ode and Origins by Paul Carter, is actually written by Paul Carter and it is great, great, great. It's one of those reminders that no matter how "scientific" or "advanced" your training methodology is, nothing can take the place of time and hard, hard work.

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