Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Clean and Orderly Training Space

I have the world's messiest desk, but I understand the importance of having a tidy workspace. A clean and orderly space gives you room to breathe. 

The Garage - not bad

When everything is accounted for and in its place, there's freedom to play and be creative. A mess limits options - you gravitate towards what is available, the things you don't have to find under the pile... A clean training area, on the other hand, makes many choices more easily accessible, makes it easier to downsize when you realize this or that piece of equipment is not a good use of space or time, and helps you focus on what matters. A mess is distracting and potentially dangerous - a misplaced plate or kettlebell can be easily tripped upon. The only time I've ever fainted in a gym was when I was 17 years old after a set of pull-ups - I should thank the gym gods (and management) that the floor was clean and free of loose equipment on that day.

Dan John said in this thread (a discussion of the book "Willpower") that "A clean weightroom is a strong weightroom." I absolutely agree. Understand that this does NOT mean you can't be strong in a messy weightroom, simply that a clean weightroom is conducive to clean (and strong) lifts.


Jake said...

Is there a link to that thread?

Boris said...

Yes, I forgot to put it in - editing now.