Monday, May 7, 2012

Sash Weights

My parents gave me five "sash weights"; something found in storage while preparing to move out of their house of the past 25 years. These are, of course, antiques - few windows use them as a counter-balance anymore. Sash weights can be found online with a simple search, and you can probably purchase sash weights cheaply on places like eBay.

These sash weights are more than a little rusty. I'm not worried - my tetanus booster is up to date (I think).

I haven't tried them with anything besides some levering and farmers walks, but I think they will be a fun addition to the gym.


cloystreng said...

nunchaku. Best idea I can think of.

Boris said...

Numb chucks - great idea. These would be some heavy, heavy chucks however!