Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Final Issue of PL USA

On the newsstands right now, the final issue of Powerlifting USA. It's a very solid magazine - always has been. I will miss all the lifters, competition results, top 100 lists, and writers that Mike Lambert and his crew introduced to us over the years. 

Does the loss of this publication mark a turning point in the strength publishing industry? I don't know but without PL USA on the stands, we are left with little more than dozens of Men's Health/Maxim hybrids. Perhaps someone else will be able to fill the "just-strength-and-numbers" void that is left with Powerlifting USA's passing, but those are some big shoes to fill. 

Thank you Powerlifting USA for 35 years of service to the sport and people of powerlifting. You will be missed.


Mark Reifkind said...

wow, it's finally over. I've been reading PLUSA since the late 70's. Mike did a HUGE service to the sport for many many years. It will be impossible to replace.
but powerlifting these days is just crazy anymore.the gear has just gotten too weird and the anti gear guys are too strident as well.

too bad.

Boris said...

Agreed - it is crazy these days.

Now that you mention it, PLUSA did, for the most part, somehow keep itself out of the whole equipped-raw craziness. I appreciate that and hope that up and comers can learn from PLUSA in that regard.