Sunday, September 14, 2008

Working Weaknesses (cont'd)

I've designated September "Work Your Weakness Month" and so far, it's been going fine. I've managed a few focused sessions for abs, squats, and wrist work. For ab work, I'm doing "Pike-Ups" with an ab wheel that can be attached to the feet. It's a great exercise.

How is your training going?


Jeremy said...

Could you please recommend a small routine I can do at night to work out my core such as pike-ups? Thank you

Boris said...

I hesitate to give people "routines" over the internet - I'm pretty sure I made a blog post about online coaching saying why, but if I really wanted to hit my abs specifically, I'd probably do something along the lines of:

*isometric contraction - suitcase carry or shoulder carry
*flexion - crunches
*isometric contraction - planks
*rotation - russian twists

Don't do too much too soon. Don't get sloppy. Don't hurt yourself.

Here's that post:

Boris said...

Let me try that link again

TallLifter said...

Were can I get a "skwat" T-Shirt?

Your videos are priceless. They've helped my squat technique a ton.


Boris said...

I haven't made any t-shirts lately, but I probably will again. I'll definately post it here when I do - thanks for asking.

I'm glad you find the videos helpful and thank you for the kind words.