Thursday, September 4, 2008

Work Your Weakness Month Is ON!

It's September and "Work Your Weakness Month" is a go. Yes, I know that we should be working our weaknesses all the time, but most of us, quite frankly, don't. So, here's your push if you need it to get down with some exercises that you've been neglecting or avoiding.

I'm starting the month a little out of sorts. I blew out my back on Labor Day but still managed to teach two classes at a local CrossFit affiliate and do the workout with one of them as well. It was a very long continuous 10 minutes of 5:00 snatches and 5:00 jerks with the 1.5 pood, but I was happy to hold everything together.

Feel free to post your workouts and progress as we move through the month and I'll do the same.


Antanas Sleckus said...

On the same boat as yourself, tweaked my neck during presses not too long ago but much better now.

Still squats are my major downfall in terms of injuries, learning curve, re-learning so im adding weight every session on a 5x5 program.

Eventually I'll platue on session to session progression but would like to reach x1.5 bodyweight at least before that happens.

Fingers crossed my knee doesn't bail on me.

Keep up the good work and hope you get better.

Antanas Sleckus

Boris said...

Thanks Antanas.

I can't say that I didn't see this one coming however... Self-coaching is a difficult road for me. Thankfully, I'll be doing a lot more coaching of others this coming year, both masters swimming and kettlebell.

Looking forward to this month and it's time for some long overdue foundational work.

Take care of that knee and make sure that you're "spreading the load" throughout the posterior chain.

Sperwer said...

Boris said...

Thank you sperwer.

"Work Your Weakness" didn't mean to limit yourself to just one of your weaknesses - just hit whatever you need rather than what you want.