Monday, September 8, 2008

10:00 of Training

Last night I did 10:00 of snatches (5:00) and clean & jerks (5:00). I had a minor back strain over Labor Day weekend, so things are still a little tricky, but I was happy with the effort even though the numbers were not in the least bit impressive.


Fireman Tom said...

solid effort. Sorry to hear about your back.

On the Jerks, you need to not stop (even briefly) at the bottom of your first dip. It has to be like you are a bouncing ball. Also, you need to launch the KB to just over your head on the first drive. You seem to get it to about eye level. The second dip in the GS jerk is very quick and very small.


Boris said...

Thank you Tom - I think I probably need to do more work w. a heavier weight to force the technique. I will try to incorporate your suggestions.

Fireman Tom said...

My suggestion would be to do some double KB jerk work with 53s, not single work with a 70 (at this point).

You have strong legs, so you need to work against more weight, but you need to use weight that your arms can relax with, so 53s are better to solve the jerk timing and distance issue.

Also, make sure your torso stays at the same angle as you do the first dip, and your elbows don't drift out.

Good luck,


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful Snatch and Jerk.

Respect by kObA