Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Tabata" Squats

A couple years ago, I was coming back from a lower back issue and using "Tabata" protocol to do some higher rep squat work. No, it's not "Tabata" really, it's just a way of doing intervals (:20 on, :10 off x 8), but it was certainly not a bad way to get some training volume in without taking all day. Nothing particularly impressive numbers-wise, but the effort wasn't bad.


Boris T said...

Nice video.

Sperwer said...

Nice. Struck a chord, as 2x/week I'm now doing Lyle McDonald's SFP 2.0, including as the first interval portion 5 minutes of 20/10 full clean and presses w/ 90 pounds. KICKS my ass.

Boris said...

Thanks Boris.

Is there a link to that? Is it at his site, or is that a program that he sells? Thanks.

Sperwer said...


Yeah, unfortunately, it's one of his sale items, and a bit pricey:

Worth it, IMO, though. I've only done three rotations so far, including one today from which I'm now [strike]comatose</strike]recovering. :) But I can SEE improvement in the rear quarter panels. I'm going to do a body comp test tomorrow and see if the numbers confirm the visual.

Unknown said...

Try to do some Tabata at least once a week. Usually some air squats, thrusters, push ups, burpees, or something on the eliptical. There are some similar HIIT workouts on the Concept2 as well, though not the exact 20/10x8 regime. Seems to help maintain power levels, BF, and Vo2. Great change of pace from usual strength and/or endurance protocols.

Boris said...

I'll look into it Sperwer. Thanks.

Good stuff Charlie - C2 stuff I simply must get to soon.