Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Funny

If I was a teenager, I might find the video below funny, but now I just find it scary. Yes, the guy should have been breathing after finishing his set instead of screaming, but I can certainly empathize with being excited about making a PR.
There was a PL USA Video segment probably a decade or more ago with Ed Coan doing the same thing (minus the triumphant scream) in training, so it isn't just noobs who can pass out in the gym...


Anonymous said...

Hey Boris,

I keep seeing this video everywhere, on forums and stuff.
breathing should be a natural thing and I still cannot full understand why his body would give out on him like that.

But well at least it din't happen after a 329 squat where he stood up, scream and crashed. =/

Taikei Matsushita said...

Close to be awarded Darwin Award.
Actually this tells alot about Darwin's evolution.

Matt said...

Hi Boris,
Would you like to get together sometime in the next week or so?

Boris said...

Dasic & Taikei,
When I was in high school, one day after a set of pull-ups, I found myself lying on the ground w. no recollection how I got there. It took me a few minutes to realize that I had passed out. I think I may have had a slight cold at the time, but no real symptoms and was not "ill". Sometimes it just happens.

If you have time on early Friday night (5:30pm), maybe we could get together then? Let me know.

Matt said...

Friday night works for me Boris.

Bryce said...

Not sure what to cringe at: The passing out, or the horrifyingly bad technique:

Rounded lower back.
Knees bowed inwards.
Legs extending completely before the hips engage.

Whoever is coaching him is negligent for allowing him to continue increasing the weight with form like that.

Boris said...

See you tomorrow at 5:30pm then?

I really doubt he's getting any coaching at all, but I could be wrong. Horrible DL form is pretty par for the course. I think there's a lot to be said for limiting max efforts for DLs.

t said...

Send the guy to House. His crack pot team will figure it out

Matt said...

I will see you at 5:30 Boris.

Franz Snideman said...

Brutal.....very dangerous that he smashed his face into the weights. That could kill someone easily!

I haven't somewhat dizzy after heavy DL's but never to that extent. YIKES!!!