Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Quick & (Relatively) Painless Way To Add Training Volume

Recently, I've been doing a five-minute EDT session at the end of my regular training sessions. It's important not to allow it to escalate into a "rush-reps-and-run-from-exercise-to-exercise-constant-attention-to-time-remaining-metcon-workout". Assuming a decent work capacity and done in a less intense manner, I feel it can be a good way to add some training volume and/or work weaknesses WITHOUT significantly impacting recovery .

The other day, I did the following after a session of kettlebell snatches:

KB Jerks: x10,10,8,12
(alternated with)
Pull-Ups: x5,5,4,8

Total Time: 4:53
Total Sets: 8 sets
Total Reps: 62 reps

Five minutes. Only five, not more.

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