Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Goals?

If you're not gunning for a competition, or if you aren't surrounded by an ambitious training community, it's easy to fall into a rut, thinking that we are pushing things when we're really not.

In 2009, I conducted a kettlebell workshop in Tokyo with RKC Taikei Matsushita, had two month-long introductory classes locally, and assisted at the September RKC instructor certification. So, on the kettlebell business-side of things, it was sufficiently busy. Training, on the other hand, was not where I wanted it to be. I stayed healthy, but what kind of goal is that for an competitive athlete (or athlete wannabe/wish-they-were-still)?

"Discretion is the better part of valor" are great words to live by, but eliminate valor from the equation and what are you left with but fear and avoidance? There's playing it smart, and then there's leaving too much on the table. As far as my own personal S&C goals, in 2009, I left way too much on the table.

For 2010, I've chosen three very straightforward training goals. I think they will require real training commitment, but are not excessive.

KB Jerks: 32kg bells x 40
KB Snatch: 32kg x 80
Pull-Ups: x 30

Right now, I am far away from my personal bests on all of these, let alone from the numbers above. But, I've already started working towards them and look forward to the next 12 months of training.

What are your goals for 2010?


Unknown said...

Don't know who said it but...

"It's a dream till you write it down, then it's a goal."

1x20 Dead Hang Pull Ups
1x100 Push Ups
Erg Full Marathon < 3.5 hrs
Erg 1/2 Marathon < 1.5 hrs
Erg 2k < 7.5 min

Matt said...

200 on the snatch test
550 deadlift
2x Body weight Squat..might have to lose 5 or 10 pounds to make this one manageable.
25 pullups
Complete rkc press ladder with 32kg bell
Perform some decent cossack squats

Hopefully I can get 1 of them

Boris said...

I have no idea how to gauge the erg work, but I wish you well! How are you on the pull-ups and push-ups?

Where are you at on those now?

Bryce said...

Good stuff Boris.

Mine would be:

Bulletproof/rehab my left shoulder with high volume shoulder dislocates and turkish getups.

Eliminate my need for a kip in the bar muscle up (I can get a set of 5-7 kipping).

Come out of my next deployment simply stronger than I am now. Equipment/space will be minimal on my ship, and time will be even harder to come by, so simply coming back better than I leave will be an achievement.

Good luck to everyone.

Matt said...

I have them all in my programming but I am not exactly sure how close I am to achieving them.

I have been doing 5/3/1 for the barbell stuff and I have been getting all my reps without much problem but I am nervous to try any max weights. I think I will test deadlift in a couple weeks.

I am also doing the pullups as assistance for 5/3/1. The only issue is that I am not exactly sure how to do a progression for the pullups.

I have 3 workouts left to get the the rkc ladder with 24 kg. Then I will start the 28kg.

And for the snatches I am not sure how close I am. I was able to get 110 in 5:20 but I was gassed after that. I need more practice.

Anonymous said...

1.20 pullups
2.weighted pull ups 3 reps with 66% bodyweight
3. Deadlift 200kg @.@
4. Get started with a 16kg kettlebell to built my lifts

Boris said...

Those seem like good goals for someone deployed. I wish you all the luck in the world. There's a shoulder article I wrote a while back linked called "Shouldering Through The Pain". It might have some things that could be helpful to you.

I could give you some ideas for progression on pull-ups, but they would be ridiculously simple and I don't know how well it would mesh w. the 5/3/1 you're doing.
My pressing is really weak right now, but we could look over your presses next time we get together.
Let's try to meet once before Feb.

Tough stuff!

Unknown said...

Pull ups are 10 Dead Hang, neutral grip. Wide grip results in a lot of discomfort in the right shoulder (AC separation a few years ago in Ju Jutsu and it hasn't been quite right since).

Push Ups at 45 this week (single set - about 160-180 in the work out this week). Using a 12 week effort to get there but will take a bit longer since I am tapering for a rowing competition last weekend of Jan.

I would think the 2K is like doing the SSST. The first 50 reps aren't the problem. It's sustaining the pace for the next 3x50. So the first 500m isn't the problem it's the next 3x500m.

PB at 2K is 8:10. Best worldwide among 59-60 YO is 6:45 this year. 7:30 would have placed 4th at the Mid Atlantic Erg Sprints for the age group in 2009. Hope to pull 7:50 at the Erg Sprints this year. Goal is Sub-7 min next year.

PB 1/2 Marathon is 1:41:56.
This year's best time for the age group is 1:18:04. Sub 1:30 doable but challenging.

The best time this year for Full marathon in age group is 2:56:44 so 3:30:00 is reasonable first time effort.

Boris T said...

Boris, good luck with your goals. I presume you're going to about it doing HS style when it comes to Jerks and Snatches correct?

I posted some of my goals for 2010 up on my blog recently:

Boris said...

Ah - Concept 2 rowing, right? Good, good. I love rowing. Someday I'll own a C2 and have at it.

Thanks Boris. Jerks and snatches - I don't know what 'style' they are.

Unknown said...

Exactly so! The human polygraph. :-)
Implacable and nearly indestructible - goes good with everything else.

Boris T said...

By style I ment to reffer to type of sets. Are you aiming for a long timed set with only one hand switch or just multiple switches until you reach your reps.

Boris said...

Yes - GS style then. Not to sound arrogant, but setting down the bells and switching hands multiple times for those numbers without a quick time limit would not be much of a challenge.