Friday, September 28, 2012

30 DAYS OF SQUAT! (Day 28) - Shoes

I've worn a lot of different shoes over the years when squatting.

My favorite shoes are my Adidas Adistar weightlifting shoes - they were expensive but I've been wearing them for over 10 years and I expect to be able to wear them for another decade. They will need to be re-soled, but that is a pretty small expense really.
I bought a pair just like these a couple of months ago - still ugly, but more shoe-like in appearance and feel

I like squatting moderate (but not heavy) weights in Vibrams. I've had a pair for about five years now and I hated them at first, but grew to appreciate them. Recently, I found a nice pair made of leather with laces for something like $60 on clearance. Some advice with the Vibrams: Get toed socks and wear them every time you put on the Vibrams unless you want everyone to smell you coming 10 feet away. Also, when purchasing them, make absolutely sure the sizing is right and take your time acclimating to them.

For what it's worth, I've never been a big fan of Chuck Taylors or squatting barefoot though I tried to like them. Chucks just never felt comfortable and I always felt like my feet would slip inside the shoe slightly - not something you want when squatting heavy. With bare feet, I always felt "naked" and worried that sweat and/or a lack of a grippy sole would not be the best means for grounding a solid base. I realize that both have their fans and that's fine - it's just an opinion.


Jeff said...


Have you ever considered squatting on different terrain? More specifically, have you ever considered squatting out in the yard (moving your squat rack and 180 lbs worth of weights)? I've never tried this, but I've always wondered what it would be like to squat outdoors (not just kettlebells) or on something less stable such as grass. As you will probably rightly point out, this could be dangerous, so I'd certainly keep the poundage to a minimum if I ever tried it. I would tackle it as an opportunity to enjoy the broad world of squatting.

I'm not in a position to try this because I have no equipment at home, otherwise I'd tell you how it works for me!

Boris said...

I do squats w. kettlebells out in the yard every so often (once in a great while at a park or beach). A pair of 53lb kettlebells is nice for a quick workout of squats and kettlebells:
Training outdoors is something most of us should do more often. Thanks for the comment Jeff!

Hanley Tucks said...

Vibrams? Boris, I thought better of you. Next you'll start a new series, kippingpullupsrx.

Boris said...

I hate to say this but I was an early adopter... I wear them for squats and DLs and some KB work and that's it - I SWEAR! ...and no kips for me!