Tuesday, September 11, 2012

30 DAYS OF SQUAT! (Day 12) - The Bad

Be willing and able to dump the weight if you aren't going to squat in a power rack. Please. Videos like this scare me.


Jeff said...


Thanks for posting the 30 Days of Squat. I'm enjoying it. I haven't been into squatting lately because I always have trouble breathing for two days after I'm done lifting. I'm fine when I run, but weights seem to get to me. I suspect it's stress related.

Keep posting!

John Beamon said...

Does this count as a windmill or a get-up or as some sort of loaded carry that I'm not familiar with?

For Pete's sake, if you can bend over forward and hold it on your neck, you should be able to stand up with it. That HAD to be intentional.

Boris said...

Thank you Jeff! Allergies perhaps? Do you lift in a garage or basement?

John, I guess we could call it some kind of eccentric-only or isometric hold... Could be intentional, but I've gotten stuck in the hole before - never decided to sit down at that point however!!!

Jeff said...


I usually lift at the school gym. I've had this problem for about 3 years, and it comes and goes, but it's much more notable after lifting. I haven't done an experiment to pin down which lifts it is, though I suspect it may be the bench press. I have somewhat rounded shoulders, and I suspect having rounded shoulders impedes lung function. To be honest, not sure though.

I've had blood work and breathing work done, but everything was normal. I suspect stress may have a role in this problem.