Saturday, May 1, 2010

Excuses? Pipes and Cogs

Watching this video, do you have excuses for not training? If I gave you a rock, or a piece of rope, or a single 45lbs plate, would you do what you could to get stronger, or would you lament the equipment you didn't have?

Thanks to Shaf for posting this at a forum I frequent.


Matt said...

I thought that was great Boris.

Shaf said...

I got it from Mike Gray, who got it from Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics.

It's a great clip.

Boris said...

Thanks Matt.

Thanks for passing along Shaf - it really is an awesome clip.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ego check; quit bitchin' and get to liftin'. Thanks for the post -- and for the swift kick to the buttocks.

L. Wu said...


I've been doing KB-type work with Oly plates-with-3+1 holes in 'em at the gym with athletes that don't have their own KBs, makes me think of this.

MP, TGU, and maybe one day even swing.