Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Many Certs Does It Take?

Sometimes I wonder "how many certs does it take"?

I mean... is there truly a need for an endless string of letters after your name? Does it make a trainer or coach more marketable? Is it a guarantee of competence? Will someone with a certification that is, for example, something acquired by a paper or online test, or over a weekend, be that much better, or better at all than someone without? Do YOU need a certification (or two, or three)?

The honest answer to those questions is "it depends". Understand that I am NOT anti-certification. I'm all for professional development and think EVERY coach or trainer should actively seek out others in the field to share with and learn from. I  am an RKC and quite satisfied with the organization as a whole. A certification from a reputable organization is like a letter of recommendation and a guarantee of minimal competence which are critical if you don't know the person whom you are hiring. Gym chains often have specific requirements for their hires. If you are trying to get some experience, then certifications are going to help you get your foot in the door. If a potential client can't distinguish one golf shirt from another, then the golf shirt with the most letters behind his/her name is going to win.

Eventually, however (and the higher you climb) the success of your resume' is going to come down to NOT what you've attended or studied, but what you've accomplished, who you've worked with, who you've coached, and what you've produced. Do your skills match the needs the of the client and have you demonstrated that well enough to be hired? Ultimately, whether YOU need a particular cert or not depends on goals and resources...

If you are looking for kettlebell instruction from a very competent trainer and coach and you are in the Colorado area, look no further than Randy Hauer's (former RKC Team Leader and AKC Coach) Free Kettlebell Certification.  Certainly can't beat the price and Randy's a stand-up guy and has trained athletes of all kinds including Girevoy (kettlebell) Sport champions.


Unknown said...

So true so true.

Alphabet soup behind their name doesn't mean a person actually has good sense and a practical understanding of the application of their craft.

Boris said...

Thanks Charlie.