Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 Days of Squat! (Day 12) - To Sit Back or Not To Sit Back

When I posted this video in 2008, I thought it was commonsense, but I got a lot of questions. People seem to be fighting physics all the time.

Here are the main takeaways:
-> If you prefer to squat "sitting back" then, in order to keep the bar centered over the feet, more forward lean will be necessary. 
-> If you sit back, and are going to FULL SQUAT (aka "ass to grass", etc.), the hips will come forward as you descend below parallel.
-> Forward lean with a high bar position can be a lot of torque on the lower back.
-> Forward lean with the hips under you (and the spine flexed) will also be A LOT of torque on the lower back. 
-> The hips should externally rotate to create spiral tension, reduce the need for excessive ankle flexion, and put the hips and legs in the most advantageous position to drive out of the hole.
-> Generally speaking, if you are full squatting then a high bar, upright position is going to be preferable.
-> Generally speaking, if you have a lot of forward lean, and your shoulders can handle it, a low bar position to parallel is going to be preferable. 


Anonymous said...

Great video. I tend to use the high bar position...feel like I have more power/explosiveness. Understand it's a matter of preference. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

If you use a high bar approach to the back squat, is there a need for front squatting?

My thinking is that there are two types of squats that require two movements that stimulate different muscle groups.