Wednesday, September 5, 2012

30 DAYS OF SQUAT! (Day 5)

There's a lot that's impressive about this squat besides the weight - the control, the form, and the depth are all impeccable. There's really nothing left to be desired here - absolutely beautiful.

Behdad Salimi's 320 Kilogram Squat


BrockLeggins said...

"Compared to powerlifters, Olympic lifters can't squat the Sunday paper." -Louie Simmons

Boris said...

I love Louie, of course, but he can be wrong.

To be fair to Louie, I think his point was that to be a superlative OLer, you need to be/get god-awful strong - strength is paramount. (If that's his point) it bears itself out with Behdad's example.

Anonymous said...

Westside has few raw lifters, and lifting in a multiply suit, PL briefs, and wraps is an entirely different game. So, hopefully Louie caveated his statements.

Al (from IOL)

BrockLeggins said...

Oh I'm well aware of all that guys, which was kinda my point. Louie's brought a lot to the table, but he says some dumb stuff sometimes.

Boris said...

I know you're partial to OLers Brock.