Thursday, August 23, 2012

Training Supplement Review #4 ("Runners")

Recently, I bought two 12 inch nylon "runners" from a local climbing shop for less than $10. These things are extremely handy in the weight room and can take the place of chain, carbiner, and cable attachments for some applications.
Minimum strength on these is 22Kn which, to you and I, means that you could hang 5000lbs off of them and probably be all right. You wouldn't want to test that, but it's nice to know that they're strong as hell.
Black Diamond Nylon Runner 120cm (48in.)

How am I using them? I use them with grenade balls (from elitefts) and smaller sized kettlebells for farmers walks. 60 centimeter nylon runners would probably be the most versatile length however it will depend on the size of the item(s) you are looping them around and through.

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Christoffer Riis said...

Used runners just like these for ages for easy loading of my Ironmind dipping/chinning belt. Works great and as you point out, they can take any load you'll throw at them (much like the DeRigeur dipping belt).