Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Training Supplement Review #3

Training Supplement Review #3: Callous Shaver

If you do a lot of heavy pulling or a lot of kettlebell work you're bound to have a build up of excess callous on the hands. Excess callous, no matter how good your technique is and especially if you're pushing volume and intensity, is bound to rip at some point. A callous shaver, like the one pictured above, is an investment of less than $5 that can save you training time and energy that might otherwise be lost on needless injury. You can pick one up in the cosmetics section of most department, drug, and even grocery stores.
Unlike a pumice stone that works best after a long bath or shower, a callous shaver is easy to use dry. In fact, there may be a risk of shaving to deep if done immediately after bathing, so take care.


Neghar said...

Pedi-egg is the best I've found! That, and the new dragondoor bells have saved my hands!

matt said...

I like a mix of the pedi-egg and pretty hands and feet lotion:

Boris said...

Those products look like they'd do the job fo sho.

I like the callous shaver simply because it takes no time - one or two swipes per callous and I'm usually done.

Adam said...

This is key equipment, if you are lifting bells you need one of these shavers. Once a weekafter a shower and you will never tear your hands again.