Saturday, February 13, 2010

Athletes & Fashion

So, today I find this clip on a Yahoo Sports! blog Japanese Snowboarder Busted For Bad Fashion:

What might not be readily apparent for people who can't speak Japanese is that from his comments "I am reflecting (on my actions)." and "I'm not thinking about anything except that I want to do my own skiing" is that he doesn't give a crap at all. Might not sound like much, but if you read between the lines, note tone and body language, the message is crystal clear and it's pretty unusual to see a Japanese Olympic athlete being that brazenly disrespectful.

There's no doubt that Japanese Olympic athletes face a burden of public social pressure that American counterparts wouldn't have any clue about. There's no arguing that point. BUT, it IS the Olympics. My opinion is (and it's the same as the referenced blog's) that if you are representing your country, you are a team member now, and it doesn't matter that you are participating in an individual sport. The pros might be a different story, but it's the Olympics. Just my opinion.


Taikei Matsushita said...

49ers who won Super Bowls wore proper outfit during their traveling. I think former Viking player Chris Doleman was surprised when he joined the team.

Boris said...

Some teams get it around here. Most wouldn't.

Hope business is good for you Taikei!