Monday, February 8, 2010

Training Supplement Review #2

Training Supplement #2: The Slow Cooker

I just got done recommending to a kid who was sick of protein shakes to spend time learning how to use a slow cooker. When I was young, cooking was not my strong suit either, and I can relate to youth who live at the mercy of a blender, restaurants, and the rare home cooking choices of others. Now, I have no idea how I lived without fairly regular injections of chili or pot roast. If you are a busy individual who wants to eat well, with little fuss, this is an indispensable kitchen tool. There are models w. timers, but generally I just get it going in the morning and let it go until dinner-time.

Josh Hillis, in his brilliant blog, had an insight that hits the mark with training addiction. Two days a week, he recommends our "workout" be preparing all the meals for the week. He notes Sunday and Wednesdays work very well for this. I agree.
- Never Let Go by Dan John, p.292

Most people are pretty particular about their chili, but I'll go ahead and share a recipe I've been using lately. You could certainly substitute ingredients as you see fit - the great thing about slow cookers is how easy it is to make something hot, healthy, and delicious, even if you are a moron in the kitchen.

*1 pound hamburger (browned and drained)
*1 can petite diced tomatoes
*1 can Bush's Baked Beans
*1 can pinto or red beans
*1 medium onion (diced)
*1 green pepper (diced)
*1/3 can of SPAM-Lite (diced and lightly sauteed)
*chili powder (to taste)
*crushed red peppers (to taste)
*dash of Captain Morgan
*garlic powder or minced garlic (to taste)
*cajun seasoning (to taste)
*basil (Tone's)
*parsley (flakes or chopped)
*2 cups boiling water

Combine and set slow-cooker to low for 7-9 hours. Serve w. grated cheese and soup crackers (and other condiments to taste)


cmoney said...

The slow cooker has been a godsend to my training. I've been doing the starting strength protocol, trying to get bigger and stronger, but I stink at cooking and I was getting sick of cooking a lot. Now, I just cook a big batch of meat on sunadays that usually lasts me the week. I particularly enjoy pot roasts with boneless chuck roast and red potatoes.

For stuff like chili, brisket, and pulled pork, I usually overnight it.

P.T. said...

I've become addicted to "Cheaters" BBQ

Boris said...

It really does make preparing a large amount of food much easier. Great stuff.

I'm addicted to chili and pot roast. That BBQ looks great. That Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork looks very good - I'll have to try it.

發財 said...
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