Monday, July 26, 2010

"SKWAT!" - Works For Deadlifters Too!

David Dellanave recently received his Skwat! t-shirt and, as soon as he put it on, felt strong enough to rip a 20 pound personal record deadlift off the ground!

Actually, David has been making great gains using the Gym Movement protocol with Adam Glass and company. In a nutshell, the Gym Movement Protocol is about using mobility tests as biofeedback to determine what exercise, load, tempo, volume is appropriate for you in a given training session. 
Generally, a training session using the Gym Movement Protocol would look something like this:
*Perform a movement "baseline test" (such as a toe touch) and stop at the point where you begin to feel tension
*Perform a set of an exercise
*Re-administer the initial test and comparing to baseline performance. If mobility improves, then the exercise is a good one for you to do this training session. If mobility deteriorates or stays the same, then you should try a different exercise or variant (and retest)
I've been experimenting with the protocol in my own training. Have I "drunk the Kool-Aid"? Well, I hope everyone knows me well enough by now to know that, aside from time, persistence, and mindful effort, there are few things I have "blind faith" in. I still have questions, but I am enjoying seeing how things play out for myself and others.

For more information:
Grip and Rip Review (April, 2010)


david said...

The first time I wore this shirt I pulled 520. This may or may not be causative, but the correlation is 1.0.

Thanks Boris!

Boris said...

Thank you David and well done!

fawn said...

I've done some work with David, he has a ton of natural talent. This guy is going to have some huge numbers.

Boris said...

Certainly looks like he has tons of room to grow. Look forward to seeing his progress!