Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Benjamin Hoff (again)

"Sensitivity and skill develop together - as one of them increases in the process of learning something, so does the other. A skilled ballet dancer is aware of his muscles as they stretch and contract, tighten and relax, through exercise, practice, and performance. Applying that sensitivity, he leaps, twirls and lands without apparent effort. A skilled athlete of any sort is aware of just how to move, how to hit or throw a ball in the right way at the right time, how to do this or that in order to score a point.

...The word for Taoist sensitivity is Cooperate. As Lao-tse wrote, "The skilled walker leaves no tracks" - he is sensitive to (and therefore respectful toward) his surroundings and works with the natural laws that govern them. Like a chameleon, he blends in with What's There. As he does this through the awareness that comes from reducing the Ego to nothing.

- Benjamin Hoff (The Te of Piglet)

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