Tuesday, January 29, 2008

High Rep Work

Maidenfan2 posted the following to one of my kettlebell snatch videos:

"Nice job brother - the only suck thing about high rep one arm exercises is you still gotta do the other arm!"

This is very true, of course. Sometimes, I liken unilateral work to ocean swims (something I used to have some experience with). The farther out you go, the farther you have to swim back. If you go too far, you might not make it back to shore. If you aren't focused on very challenging sets of high-rep kettlebell snatches, it's easy to lose your nerve and switch hands early. I won't be grandiose and say they require "courage", but it does require concentration and a measure of confidence.

On Christmas Eve, I managed a PR in my kettlebell snatches (53lb kettlebell for 80 continuous repetitions with one hand switch) - nothing spectacular, but I was pleased.


Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Boris, 80 continuous reps with one hand on a 53-lb KB is NOTHING to scoff at. Well done, Brother!

Boris said...

Thanks Doc! Hope to post 100 sometime in the next few months.