Tuesday, June 10, 2014

T-Shirts: Summer 2014

I have an order of SKWAT! t-shirts coming in on Friday.

Sizes available are: MediumLarge, and X-Large. All shirts are royal blue 50/50 blend Jerzees brand tees.

If you are interested, I still have a few Small sized t-shirts as well - they are royal blue Gildan brand 100% cotton.

Shirts are $25 each (shipping included).

Please send me an email (boris_york@yahoo.com) to check availability and we'll make payment arrangements through PayPal.

Thanks everyone!


Darte said...

Been waiting for this! emailed you !


Boris said...

Thank you Darte!

Esteban said...

Jen Sinkler is a babe! I feel like I left you hanging the last time you were taking orders for shirts Boris- would you accept something like a cashier' check/ money order for one of these?

Boris said...

Shoot me an email at boris_york@yahoo.com