Sunday, June 1, 2014

Judging Squat Depth is Not Difficult...

"How is my depth on this squat?"

There's nothing wrong with this question in a gym setting, especially if the squatter doesn't have a camera. But, I see this question on the internet a lot with an accompanying video. Yes, I understand that different powerlifting federations are stricter about judging, but no, there really is not any mystical know-how involved in judging squat depth. If the crease at the hip is parallel with the top of the knee, then it's "parallel" (also called a "half squat"). If you squat as deeply as your hips and knees allow, then it's a "full squat" (also known as an "ass to grass" or "ass to ankles" squat).

This fellow on the left is at parallel, and the gentleman on the right from Catalyst Athletics is full (front) squatting:


BrockLeggins said...

Unless we're doing them for some other reason, I have a succinct response for my athletes if they ask, "did I get deep enough?"
"Did you get as deep as you can?"

Boris said...

I agree with that. I'm not picky as long as it isn't silly. The thing is that if people are squatting to TRUE parallel (bar position and limb length matter of course but) there's not a huge difference in depth.