Thursday, March 4, 2010

Five Minutes of Meditation

Last night's training was a short warm-up followed by 5:00 of kettlebell snatches with the 1.5 pood. I did the RKC snatch test with one hand switch. I was pleased, but my left hand is starting to struggle quickly and I don't know if that's a symptom of general systemic fatigue, lack of grip strength, or technical issues (probably all of the above). Any input (GS or HS) would be appreciated.


Jakeheke said...

It seems that you rotated your face more,when you lift with your right hand. Rotation helps your body rotation more,which helps your pendulum movement longer,whic save your hand/grip! Your right hand backswing is better and smoother(saving grip)

Boris said...

Thank you Jake - agree completely. I'll work on it.

Anonymous said...


The diagram you posted a few days ago has swings as the center of the RKC universe. Do you do many swings? The videos you post are always of snathces.

Boris said...

Yes, I do swings, but it's usually for warm up or as accessory work for snatches. That does NOT mean I don't think they are vital however.

Unknown said...

this video got me interested to learn to use the kettlebell. any tips on how to learn them?

thanks for sharing this post.

Boris said...

Start w. some swing Marc. There are a lot of great tutorials on YouTube and/or find someone qualified in your area to give you a little coaching - it may cost a few $, but it will be well worth it if they are competent.

Let me know where you're at and I might be able to recommend someone to show you the ropes.

Unknown said...

what would be the basic/beginner swing and starting weight?

i'm from the philippines.

thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Boris said...

Not seeing you, it's tough to tell you what weight to begin with, but many men start w. a 12kg or 16kg bell for swings.
There are great videos on YouTube. Look for Jeff Martone's swing videos at

and Jason Brown & Pam McAlree's videos at

Unknown said...

many thanks for sharing these links.

by the way, this is an awesome and helpful blog (Squat Rx) you made here.