Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Your Super Hero Name?

Do you have an alter-ego when you train or compete? Do you change from a Dr. Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde? Playing a role can help you steel yourself before a difficult task. If we take our role seriously, whether it is "father", "husband", "mother", "wife", "teacher", "athlete", "coach", "manager", "soldier", or whatever it may be, then our actions may better reflect that label than if it didn't exist.

Some nicknames of famous athletes include:
George Gervin (basketball player) = "The Iceman"
Karl Malone (basketball player) = "The Mailman"
Reggie Jackson (baseball player) = "Mr. October"
Walter Payton (football player) = "Sweetness"
William Perry (football player) = "The Refrigerator"
Wayne Gretzky (hockey player) = "The Great One"
Mark Allen (triathlete) = "[The] Zen Master", "The Grip"
O.D. Wilson (powerlifter/strongman) = "Nightmare"
Kirk Karowski (powerlifter) = "Captain Kirk"

Westside Barbell's Dave Tate had an alter-ego, "Zippy", that he would slip into before challenging training sessions. Apparently, he eventually let Zippy go because he would find himself pushing to the point of injury, but the idea is a sound one. Giving/earning yourself a label can help push you through difficult periods. Imagine yourself as "The Technician" and, very likely, you will focus attention on your form and it will improve. Call yourself "The Zen Master" and you might find a greater sense of calm and pain tolerance.

Just for fun, Lee's Useless Super-Hero Generator can set you on the path to glory if you can't come up with ideas.


Aaron Friday said...

I've always wanted to be Mr. Wrestling Number Two. He was obviously proficient and always anonymous, but could never surpass the fame of the original Mr. Wrestling, who didn't exist.

Adam said...

Hey Boris i need to talk to you this weekend, please drop me an email so i can get you on the line some time

Boris said...

I don't remember Mr. Wrestling Number Two (eighties, right?). I watched my share of WWF back in the day on Friday nights(?)... been too long I guess.

I'll send you a PM on the RKC forum. Hopefully Sunday will work for you.