Friday, April 10, 2009

Bench Press Shirt Explanation

One of the first YouTube videos I ever made about 3 years ago was a video explaining the how a powerlifter's "bench press shirt" works. I realize many people think it's cheating and it certainly isn't for everyone, but bench press shirts, shirts that assist the lifter and add poundages to his/her lift, are a reality that doesn't seem destined to change anytime soon.

I had intended to make a series of videos about bench press shirts, but never got around to it... Take a look and let me know what you think.


Kevin said...

I love all of your Explanation Videos, but I find myself referring to the examples in this video when I'm trying to explain to nonPL friends what a Bench Shirt does.

Thanks for your work.

SF said...

Thanks Boris, good explanation especially using a t-shirt as an example.

Maybe you could include explanations on the difference between open/close back, loose/tight shirts, different materials, and maybe have someone hold the camera in a birds eye view.


Aaron Friday said...

It's not cheating if it's legal. But it has ruined the event for me as a spectator. I already don't like watching or doing bench press, but the shirts have made it a fiasco. A guy can't get 670 down to his chest, seriously? What's the point of this farce?

Boris said...

Thanks everyone. I don't plan on doing any more videos on shirts - most of the videos I shoot, I shoot alone and since I also train alone most of the time, and hardly ever bench these days, it's just won't get done.

I don't think they're cheating at all. I enjoy the added challenge of trying to figure out equipment.

You're absolutely right, it isn't much fun for me to watch people, who you KNOW couldn't bench 225 raw, punch up 405 or more with a shirt.

Andy and Judy said...

Maybe there could be a competition just for shirts, to see how much the shirt can bench regardless of the guy inside!

Serious question, how do the shirts that they use for squat and DL differ from bench shirts?

Robertin75 said...

Boris, can you sell some SKWAT t-shirts?

I'm very interested.


bill said...

I love that explain me with videos like this. Congratulations