Monday, November 26, 2007

Words of Wisdom From Dr. Squat

"Look, 'routines' are just that! I have written much on the subject. I have probably given the subject more careful thought than most. Here is yet another thought that I should've written at some time... maybe I did... can't remember.

In order to achieve ANYTHING in life to the pinnacle of your capabilities, you must 'marry' the thing! Become a 'priest' to it. Live, eat, sleep and breathe it! You MUST NOT succumb to whoredom and meander from one routine to another in the false hope that one of them is gonna 'work'. It will not! You may get a quick fix from it, but it'll only be because you re-injected some adaptive stress into your routine.

Do this instead. THINK IT OUT!

Now, most lifters cannot do this because they are not educated in the discipline, and because they have never been taught to REALLY think things through! So, the alternative is to find yourself a bonafide guru who HAS, and hang your hat on what that person has to say! So, find one! ONE!"

- Dr. Fred Hatfield


Snizshizzle said...

I am currently doing Hatfield's 80 day PL program and I must say that the way it is set up is ingenious. It reminds me of PTP because it is so simple yet effective.

I am about half-way through and have gotten a lot stronger in all three lifts. The guy is smart which is one of the reasons he was one of the best powerlifters of all time.

Brett Jones said...

Consistency is the key - Which of Hatfields books would you recommend?

Mark Reifkind said...

absofreakinglutely!Dr Squat is right. so few of people understand this or are willing to do it.

brett I would recomment Hatfields Powerlifting a Scientifc Approach. It is a classic.

Boris said...

Dr. Squat is one of the best.

I agree - Powerlifting: A Scientific Approach is a classic!

I also bought some of his ebooks years ago - they had some gems and they were really cheap. I don't know if he still has them on his site or not, but they are definately worth looking into.

Boris said...

Awesome to see you all here!