Saturday, November 17, 2007

Miyamoto Musashi's Rules

Rules for learning "the art" by Miyamoto Musashi (from The Book of Five Rings):

1. Think of what is right and true
2. Practice and cultivate the science
3. Become aquainted with the arts*
4. Know the principles of the crafts*
5. Understand the harm and benefit in everything
6. Learn to see everything accurately
7. Become aware of what is not obvious
8. Become careful even in small matters
9. Do not do anything useless

*Here, I believe, Miyamoto Musashi is using "arts" to mean practices such as the tea ceremony, calligraphy, etc. and "crafts" to mean various professions.

It is always amazing to me how forward thinkers like this are not part of general history or literature curriculums, but what the hell do I know? In any case, I think there is a lot that athletes and S&C coaches can take from words of wisdom such as these...


Snizshizzle said...

My brother got this book about a month ago and I plan on reading it when school and training winds down.

Boris said...

It's a pretty easy read. A lot of things to think about though.