Monday, July 1, 2013

Pain - DVD by Lorimer Moseley

Most of us have at least one person in our lives that suffers from chronic illness and pain. Even if you don't, you've probably had some aches and pains that are almost inevitable with years of training in and out of the weight room. Maybe you've even had some pains that took forever to go away, or you have some pains that you wonder if you'll EVER get rid of completely...

I've always understood that pain was a complex topic. Anything dealing with the human mind usually is. But Lorimer is a very engaging speaker who breaks down the complexity and jargon of pain into stories, terms, and digestible chunks that even a meathead like me can understand. Yes, there are a few parts where I had to rewind and listen a little closer, but it does give a workable framework to observe and begin to deal with pain. The DVD comes with the complete transcript and slides on PDF files as well.

It's a great DVD, and if you are a PT, trainer, coach, or family or friend of someone who deals with chronic pain issues, it's very thought-provoking. I think that there are great implications of the role of the mind on performance (and lack thereof) as well, but that is beyond the scope of these discs. Even if you don't decide to buy the set, there are several speeches on the internet, and Laree Draper has put several clips from the DVD up on YouTube that are fantastic.

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