Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adam Glass Interview

The following interview of Adam Glass by Logan Christopher is a great one. Adam is always fun to listen to and there are a lot of points that he brings up that more people should be doing in their training.

One of the great points Adam mentions is that his own training tends to be slow paced, with judicious time between sets. Most people would say "OMG! What a waste of TIME! Training needs to be efficient!". Well, those people are idiots... Look, I love "density training", and I don't have tons of time to spend in the gym, but one of the huge problems with training for "density" (volume/time), sets "for time", and "AMRAP" centered training is that, no matter how technically proficient you are and no matter how good your intentions are, technique deteriorates more than necessary for a simple training session. AMRAP, "for time, and "density" will always sacrifice attention to technique for additional reps - not the proper mindset if your goals are long-term progress and mastery.

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