Friday, May 14, 2010

Not What I Wanted...

I was having a bad day mood-wise. Probably a combination of too much caffeine and not enough sleep.

Lifting felt good, but as I gripped the barbell to start a set of Romanian deadlifts with a weight probably 100lbs less than I would have been using a decade ago, a thought crept into my consciousness - "I'm weak. This is a child's weight. I should be stronger." I quickly put it out of my mind with the realization that a 100lbs difference, in the grand scheme of things, is not significant, and that what I did a decade ago has NO bearing on what I am and what I am doing right here, right now.

None whatsoever.

Often in training and in life we wish things were different. We think "This is not what I wanted". We think "It should be different".

Well,  it really IS what it is - we make things worse by wishing it really is not what it is when we should be concentrating on the task at hand.

This is not about having delusions that  'all's for the best in this the best of all possible worlds'.

It is a realization that we are in THIS world and wishing we were in a better one will not make it so.


Paul Stagg said...

It's not about what you used to do, it's about getting a little better today than you were yesterday.

Boris said...

Thank you Paul. Good to see you here.

michaelchasetx said...

Now that's a healthy attitude!
I'm 57 and not doing what I was at 22, but I'm doing and feel great with the full ROM on squats and Cleans&Jerks.