Monday, June 2, 2008

FATHER'S DAY is June 15

Derek Redmond & Father

Derek Redmond's run at the 1992 Olympics is one I'll never forget. I felt it was an appropriate video for Father's Day.

Gifts For Father's Day

If you're looking for gifts for your father (or a father in your life), I'd suggest the following for a range of budgets:

* Reaction Ball from Power Systems ($9.95)

* Bands from Elite Fitness Systems (starting at $12.00)

* Strong Enough? (Thoughts from 30 Years of Barbell Training) by Mark Rippetoe ($14.95)

* Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe ($29.95)

* Dan John 3-Part DVD from Dave Draper ($39.95)

* Backnobber II from Power Systems ($39.95)

* MILO subscription from Ironmind ($52.95)

* Sandbag Set from Ironmind ($65.95)

* Russian Reds Kettlebells from Dragon Door (starting at $108.45 delivered)

* 1500lb Test Barbell from Jesup Gym Equipment ($165 delivered)


Andy and Judy said...

Thanks! Good choice.

Boris said...

Thank you Andy. I'm glad you like the selections.

vinnie said...

A list of inspiration that any offspring would wish their father to pursue.