Tuesday, June 3, 2008




I thought briefly about trying to write a book entitled "You're Fat Because You Eat Too Much! (...and Don't Move Enough)". After about 2 minutes of serious contemplation, I realized it probably wouldn't sell even if someone a lot more competent than I wrote it. Titles like the one below are what sell...


Andy and Judy said...

You could write this! The title would pull them in. Then the subtitle "Overcome your body's resistance to permanent weight loss" would go on, "by eating less and moving more." :)

Have you noticed how often you see the phrase "permanent weight loss" in ads or articles on someone's pet method? Doesn't it occur to people that the only "permanent weight loss" occurs after death? As long as I'm alive I am capable of gaining weight. Not only do people want an easy fix for the problem initially, but they want to be fixed to the extent that no matter what they do they won't gain weight ever again.

I wish it could be so.

On the other hand, I do feel for people whose lives have become such a morass of emotional and spiritual garbage that there really seems to be no way out.


Boris said...

I agree completely - I feel very sorry for people who can't get a handle on their weight and it makes me angry at the people who don't sincerely have their best interests at heart.. Many of the fat-profiteers probably have, at some level, good intentions but when you're essentially selling a caffeine pill with a "proprietary blend" of caffeine and ancient herbs, you know where their true motivation lies.

Andy and Judy said...

This may be urban myth, but I keep hearing a story about someone who sold diet pills which were actually quite effective; they contained tape-worm cysts.

Boris said...

Sad thing is that I'm sure some poor fools would knowingly buy it anyway!!