Friday, June 20, 2008

20 Meter Shuttle Run Endurance Test

I asked a Japanese PE teacher for a copy of their 20 meter shuttle run endurance test pace CD (aka, "The Beep Test"). I used it tonight for kettlebell work - the pace of the recording slowly increases. Aside from my jet lag, horrible conditioning, and just plain old being out of shape, I enjoyed it.

I'll be doing a kettlebell competition in late July. I'll be competing in the "short cycle clean and jerk" (cleaning a pair of 70lb kettlebells to the shoulders once and jerking them as many times as possible) and the snatch (snatching a 70lb kettlebell as many times as possible with one hand switch).


Andy and Judy said...

I'm not understanding what's happening here. Well, yeah, I understand you swinging your kettlebells, but what's a "20 Meter shuttle Run Endurance Test" and what does it have to do with your kettlebells?

By the way, I always feel like I've worked out after watching you doing things like this. If you post more, I'll be in really good shape! :)


Boris said...

In some Japanese gym classes, they have a test where the students run 20 meters then turn around and run another 20 meters. They continue doing this and if they fall behind the pace set by the recording, they're out.
I'm doing this partly for fun and partly to help me train for a kettlebell competition I'll be doing in late July - I should have made that a little more clear and I'll edit the post. Thanks Andy.

Boris said...
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Angela Smith said...

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