Sunday, April 6, 2014

How I Train (Lately...)

On Tuesday evening after work, I put in this squat session:
Squat: bar x 10, 135lbs x 5
Squat (5:00): 185lbs x 35, 3

The numbers are not impressive, but I was working with a bad cold, and I was happy that it did not leave me physically wrecked at all. My lower back and hips had been problematic in 2013 - to the point of doing almost no squatting at all to speak of. In that context, I was very satisfied. If I try it again, I'll hope to get at least 40-50 reps in a single set.

In the month preceding this, I did sets of 20 with 135lbs in a few sessions, and a couple workouts where I would do as many quality reps as I could in one minute with 135. About 9 days out, I did the "Bring Sally Up" workout. I found it to be a lot of fun!

These days, for the first time in a long while, I look at each squat session as play. There are goals and focus, but I don't get greedy and I take each workout as it comes. If I feel good, I do more. If I feel crummy, I shut it down early. Currently, I'm enjoying riding the wave and seeing where it takes me. The plan is to push the intensity up a bit in the coming weeks, and when that starts to feel stale, switch to higher rep work with squat variants.


Darte said...

keep squatting Boris!

any weight any time just keep squatting!

Boris said...

Thank you Darte - yes, I will!

Darte said...

You inspired me to squat since I chanced upon this blog in 2010, Iam still squatting too!

Boris said...

That's great to hear Darte - thank you again!