Thursday, June 30, 2011

Training In Tokyo

Earlier this month, I spent time in Tokyo with RKC Taikei Matsushita. We had a good time, eating, talking shop and training. We took a couple hours to play in Kiba Park with some kettlebells, while tweaking technique and giving a little instruction here and there to his acquaintances.

I don't get to work with a 44kg kettlebell very often... FUN!

"Buddy, your scaps are HERE!"


Esteban said...

Hey Boris, are you selling any of those black SKWAT! shirts anytime soon? I'd be embarrassed to wear it at first since my squat is garbage right now (175lbs big whoop!) but maybe it'll give me some motivation to jack it up haha.

Boris said...

I'm sorry but I won't be selling them. I will probably have another drawing for charity this summer, so please keep checking back in .

Aaron Friday said...

We had a visit from Taikei for RKC2, and he came bearing Skwat t-shirts! So now Fawn and I both have two. I don't squat in mine, although I did manage to press the 40 for 5 singles in a different t-shirt when Taikei was here. That 44 looks huge.

Boris said...

Hi Aaron - I'm glad he brought them to you guys! Pressing the 40 is strong stuff! I did C&Js w. the 44.