Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogs Of Note (Part I)

I don't usually plug other people's blogs here and I should because there are some fantastic writers out there. We all know Dan John of course - but, linked on the right hand side of your screen are a handful of S&C people that are worth your time.

Today, I'm presenting three that you could visit, look through the archives and very easily spend an enjoyable hour or two reading. Look to these blogs for inspiration, entertainment, knowledge, and, at times, even confusion and frustration (which can be good medicine too). They are my recommendations because they are never boring and always, always thought-provoking.

Josh Hanagarne, The World Strongest Librarian, keeps a wonderful blog that is filled with book reviews, guest posts, inspiring videos, and the occasional strength and conditioning post. He recently wrote about his Experiences With Russian Kettlebells - although my experiences with kettlebells are a little different, I find his assessments dead-on for the brands I'm familiar with.

Aaron Friday keeps a blog entitled "Aaron's Blob". Aaron just does not mince words. I had lunch with him and his wife in September after an RKC and it was one of the most delightful lunch conversations I've ever had. His blog often turns to economics, handguns, and good music. He recently wrote about Time Control and it is classic Aaron.

Master of Sport, Catherine Imes, doesn't update her blog often enough, but if you have any interest in kettlebells, and especially kettlebell sport, then her blog is a must read. It is entitled "Getting Comfortable With Discomfort". Her most recent entry is Different Roads in which she makes the very convincing case that strength is, indeed, a skill - a lesson that people seem to remember and forget and remember and forget...

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