Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks

I used to worry that my blog would morph from a 'training blog' to a 'social blog'. Somewhere along the way, it happened. I try to keep things in the realm of training when I can, but training, like learning, sport, and life are all social endeavors. Things have changed since the car accident last January and I've come to appreciate the things I have more, and worry about what I don't have less. The sense of urgency in training has lessened, but has become more productive in some ways - a strange paradox perhaps.

As usual, Thanksgiving is coming up on the fourth Thursday of November this year and I'd like to take this time to thank you for being here, sharing your thoughts, and giving me an outlet for my ideas and opinions. Thank you.


For the holiday season, I'm going to have ten "SKWAT!" t-shirts made (M and L). They are yours, one per customer, but there's a catch: I will send you a shirt and after you receive it, you send me a check for however much you want to pay. Anything more than the cost of making and sending the shirt, I donate to Children's Miracle Network. I should be able to get those shirts to you by mid-December, but no guarantees. If it works out, we'll do it again. Send me an email - make sure to include something about shirts in the subject title.

Let's make it worthwhile for some kids. I look forward to hearing from you.


Business Bear said...

No XXL Skwat tshirts?

If you're squatting you should be bigger than a M or L...just sayin'

Boris said...

I ordered some Dave, but they are spoken for already.

Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog for probably a couple of years and I went through a similar transition from emphasis on training to emphasis on things social and just living. You have been a wonderful companion in that. For that I thank you.


Boris said...

It's an honor to be here and thank you for your kind words.

Unknown said...


I want a XXXL brother!