Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Gifts From $2 to $200

$185.40 Dragging Sled from Elite Fitness Systems
If you've ever dragged or pushed a sled for any distance, you know that it's HARD WORK. Great for building work capacity and for recovery if you go lighter.

$159.99 Inversion Boot System from Dunham's Sports
Inversion boots have been around a long time and their popularity has come and gone. I think they're a great tool for ab work, back health, and to do "reverse squats" - an exercise recommended by Bernie Girard years ago.

$69.95 (starting at) First Place Elite Kettlebells from Perform Better
Free shipping on these through December and you can't beat that! A great kettlebell for the price and if you have any aspirations of doing competitive kettlebell lifting, then you should pick up one or two of these.

$59.90 Enter The Kettlebell (Book & DVD Set) from DragonDoor
The "Enter The Kettlebell" book and DVD are great for beginners and intermediates alike. Pavel's writing and presentation style is easy to understand, informative, and witty. If you want to start using kettlebells, this is the place to start.

$36.95 Twist Yo' Wrist from Ironmind
Wrist strength is often overlooked and the Twist Yo Wrist is a simple wrist roller that stresses radial and ulnar extension - something you don't get with traditional wrist curls.

$19.95 Captains of Crush Hand Grippers from Ironmind
These are the standard when it comes to hand grippers. The "trainer" is much harder to close than store-bought grippers. Most strong men will struggle with a #1. Take a #2 to the bar and bet $50 to see if anyone can close it - chances are pretty good your money is safe. The #3 is for world class gripsters only.

$17.95 2 Board Press from Elite Fitness Systems
The board press is one of the best exercises to improve tricep strength and power.

$12.00 (starting at) Jump Stretch Bands from Elite Fitness Systems
Jump Stretch Bands are amazing for a wide range of strength and conditioning applications, from stretching and light recovery work to adding hundreds of pounds of tension to the lockout.

$9.99 Reaction Ball from Target
Reaction balls are great for agility and hand-eye coordination work, or just for fun.

$1.99 Silly Putty from The Crayola Store
Silly Putty is a secret (and very inexpensive) grip tool. Use it for light hand recovery work, or slap several together, stick them in the freezer for 15 minutes and give yourself more of a challenge. Unlike grippers, you can work on specific fingers, or even work the extensors. For $1.99, you can't go wrong.


SF said...

Bags of Rubber Bands: Great for Extensors, active rest, and rehab after using ironmind's gripper. Also great alternative for guys for don't know how to paper gift wrap a box...

Sand bags from store: Great for wrist work, squats, upper body press, deadlift and cardio conditioning.

Great list Boris.

SF said...

Oh yeah, are you still thinking about producing and selling "Skwat!" Shirts?

Unknown said...

Boris Bachmann Training DVD ;-) ?

Unknown said...

Hey Boris,

I hope you don't get sick of being nagged about the skwat! t-shirt, but PLEASE PLEASE either sell some, or make the high-quality image available so we can slap some on t-shirts ourselves. That shirt you have is fantastic.

Unknown said...

Great ideas.

I would also throw in blast straps from EliteFTS and one of those massage sticks that you can get just about anywhere.

Train hard,
Tony Schwartz
Muscle Building Blog

Boris said...

Thanks everyone. I thought about sandbags, rubber bands, massage sticks, etc - definitely good stuff all of it! I might have had some of those in last year's recommendations, but I can't remember for sure.

I'm going to look into shirts soon, but I probably won't make it in time for the holidays. I appreciate you guys for continuing to express interest in it!

Thanks Ahmed. I don't think there will be a DVD anytime soon, but I appreciate it.

Aaron Friday said...