Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Strategy is not a question of learning a series of moves or ideas to follow like a recipe; victory has no magic formula. Ideas are merely nutrients for the soil: they lie in your brain as possibilities, so that in the heat of the moment they can inspire a direction, an appropriate and creative response. Let go of all fetishes - books, techniques, formulas, flashy weapons - and learn to become your own strategist."

- Robert Greene, The 33 Strategies of War, 2006


Andy and Judy said...

Boris--Your blog posts are certainly diverse, and mostly very interesting. I am a little disappointed that there aren't at least a few posts about squatting. I mean, given the title of the blog, and the "About" box there at the upper right of the home page, I was thinking that it would come up now and then.

I'm going to keep reading it one way or the other, because you put on good stuff.

Two squat topics on my mind are 1)ham and glut activation (I'm about to re-watch the video on that topic), and 2) injuries. I'm nursing a sore low back again, which may or may not have anything to do with the very light squats I had done about 20 minutes before it started hurting. A blog post could cover what injuries are most common, what form deficiencies are most likely to result in injuries, etc.

Have a good weekend.


Boris said...

Thank you Andy. Actually, the past two weeks I have thinking that a video about squatting w. back injury would be a good addition.

I tend to post on things that I find interesting and inspirational. Once in a while that is an S&C-specific topic or a squatting topic, but, in contrast to the videos, I don't limit myself to that.

I have been meaning to revisit and provide further commentary on some of the videos. I will be busy this coming month with some projects and preparing for a kettlebell competition, but I will try to add them soon. Thank you for the push.